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I have been a client of Laurel Pet Hospital since 1981. Throughout most of my experience there Dr. Lee Calsyn has been my pets veterinarian, there's not enough time or space to sing his praises, I respect and think the world of him. One of my favorite people in my life period! Then, in more recent times Dr. Todd Calsyn (again can't say enough...love him too!) has been my pets primary doctor. I have also had many other doctors in all the years and the running theme of them all has been great knowledge, care and compassion.

I love this hospital. I love the staff, the doctors, the vet technicians. The vet techs whom are so knowledgeable, experienced and care deeply for the animals they treat, many that have been there for 20 plus years. I trust completely that they are in good and caring hands. The front office staff do their best to handle phones, checkout, medicine directions and
in-coming clients with as much patience possible. With such a busy hospital that's not alway easy. I think they do a fantastic job. Many of them have been there for so long, when I call they recognize my voice or my name.

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for this hospital and for the care and compassion they have given me all these years. They've saved and treated all the pets I've had, and there have been many, and when the time has come, either because of old age or incurable illness they have showed such caring kindness and compassion, not just for my beloved pet but for me as well.

I will always have a special place in my heart for this facility and its employees and a deep love for their caring hearts.

And on a side note, I'd like to say to anyone that has ever been annoyed or irritated by the wait time that sometimes occurs, rest assured that just because they are running later than expected on a patient, they won't rush from giving yours the best care to go to someone else's. That should keep clients patience in check.

Love you Laurel Pet Hospital. Thank you for all the wonderful years, I'm looking forward to many more!


I have been coming to Laurel Pet Hospital since 2006. The first visit we we're treated as we've been coming for years! Dr. Lee! My animals used to see Dr. Lee whom we miss but his schedule changed so, we switched...Thank you Dr. Todd for always taking care of me and my fur baby, Idgy! We love you! "Frequent flyers" as you like to call us! We appreciate you and the entire front and back staff for making us always feel comfortable.


I have been coming to Laurel Pet Hospital for a few years now with both of my present dogs and past dogs. The Doctors have always been wonderful and my animals get great care. The techs and front staff have always been helpful and very willing to go the extra mile to help me and my dogs. It is a great hospital and I would never think of taking my pets somewhere else for such great care. If you want the best for your pets Laurel Pet is the place to go.

Teddy and Maddie

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