Meet Our Team

General Practitioners

Dr. Lee A. Calsyn photo

Dr. Lee A. Calsyn

  • DVM, MS
  • University of Illinois

Dr. Todd Calsyn photo

Dr. Todd Calsyn

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Meredith Rettinger photo

Dr. Meredith Rettinger

  • DVM
  • University of Illinois

Dr. Tony Ebling photo

Dr. Tony Ebling

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Brett Drayton photo

Dr. Brett Drayton

  • DVM
  • University of Wisconsin

Dr. Odelia Bouganim photo

Dr. Odelia Bouganim

  • DVM
  • Texas A&M

Dr. Suzanne Hange photo

Dr. Suzanne Hange

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Michelle Miller   photo

Dr. Michelle Miller

  • DVM


Dr. JD Calsyn photo

Dr. JD Calsyn

Specialty: Internal Medicine

  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Nick Russell photo

Dr. Nick Russell

Specialty: Cardiology

  • University of Sydney


Specialty: Cardiology

  • DVM
  • Tufts University

Our Staff

Skip LaRoche photo

Skip LaRoche

Hospital Administrator


Business Office Manager


Customer Service Supervisor

Jared Liebson photo

Jared Liebson

Tech Manager

Arlene Mendoza photo

Arlene Mendoza

Tech Supervisor

<center>Receptionists</center>  photo


<center>Technicians</center>  photo


Laurel Pet Hospital

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West Hollywood, CA 90046

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