Meet Our Team

General Practitioners

Dr. Lee A. Calsyn photo

Dr. Lee A. Calsyn

  • DVM, MS
  • University of Illinois

Dr. Todd Calsyn photo

Dr. Todd Calsyn

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Meredith Rettinger photo

Dr. Meredith Rettinger

  • DVM
  • University of Illinois

Dr. Tony Ebling photo

Dr. Tony Ebling

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Brett Drayton photo

Dr. Brett Drayton

  • DVM
  • University of Wisconsin

Dr. Odelia Bouganim photo

Dr. Odelia Bouganim

  • DVM
  • Texas A&M

Dr. Suzanne Hange photo

Dr. Suzanne Hange

  • VMD
  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Michelle Miller  photo

Dr. Michelle Miller

  • DVM


Dr. JD Calsyn photo

Dr. JD Calsyn

Specialty: Internal Medicine

  • University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Nick Russell photo

Dr. Nick Russell

Specialty: Cardiology

  • University of Sydney

Dr. Reid Nakamura photo

Dr. Reid Nakamura

Specialty: Cardiology

  • DVM
  • Tufts University

Dr. Paul Hobson photo

Dr. Paul Hobson

Specialty: Dentistry

Practice limited to dentistry oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • BVetMed MRCVS
  • Royal Veterinary College London

Our Staff

Skip LaRoche photo

Skip LaRoche

Hospital Administrator

Lisa Mays-Smith photo

Lisa Mays-Smith

Business Office Manager

Carla Alvarado photo

Carla Alvarado

Customer Service Supervisor

Jared Liebson photo

Jared Liebson

Tech Manager

Arlene Mendoza photo

Arlene Mendoza

Tech Supervisor

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<center>Technicians</center>  photo


Laurel Pet Hospital

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