What to expect at Laurel Pet Hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic

People isolated at home with pets, plus heaps of new pet owners have resulted in an unprecedented surge in patients. Add the coronavirus impact to veterinary staff, and resources are being pushed to the edge. We're in the same boat, and like many in our industry, we have to adapt to continue providing the best level of patient care and client services

Here is what we are doing:

We know that a visit to the vet can sometimes feel scary and stressful for you and your pet, especially during an active pandemic. This is why we have put a plan in place for you to be safe and comfortable during your visit. Please note that if you are coming in as a walk-in just like in Human emergency and urgent care clinics patients are cared for on the severity of illness or injury, rather than order of appearance, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

For Appointments:

We will ask you to wait in your car for a technician. Once one of our doctors has been able to examen the patient you will be contacted by one of our doctors to further discuss the reason for the visit. All appointments are for drop-off or curbside appointment. We highly encourage you to wear a face mask at the time of the appointment for your safety and the safety of our employees. Once we have finalized the exam and the doctor has spoken to you our technicians will again meet you at your vehicle and will bring any medications and food. They will also provide you with a copy of your invoice for that visit. We appreciate all of your support during this time and want you all to stay healthy and safe. 

For Pick-Up:

One of our technicians will go to your vehicle with your pet, medications, and any discharge instructions that the doctor will have for you. 

For Medication Pick-Up:

Please come to the front of the hospital at our entrance door and one of our friendly client care team members will be glad to help you with your medication pick-up. be sure to give us a call to get them to bring up your pet's medication.


As with human urgent care rooms, the time between each step can vary based on many factors and is often unpredictable. We know waiting can be difficult and we will do our best to respect your time while providing the best possible care for your pet.

Clients in the Building:

For safety reasons, we are currently limiting in-hospital visits for stable pets who are going home soon. For Euthanasias we can accommodate you being present with enforced sanitation protocols.

For more information from the CDC:

Please click here for more information and recommendations from the CDC.

Staying Safe

Although we follow similar hygiene and infection control procedures as for human hospitals, we work as hard as possible to exceed the most stringent guidelines to help ensure the ongoing well-being of our staff, pet owners, and of course, your pets. This includes stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), consistent 'deep-cleaning,' and maintenance of safe social distancing guidelines. 

As a friendly reminder, due to hygiene sensibilities, and in many cases the law, we ask that you assist by adhering to the following:

1. To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, please wear a mask when interacting with our staff.

2. While we love hugs, please maintain good social distancing.

3. Regular hand-washing, and/or use of hand sanitizer is a great way to reduce the spread and beat the virus so we can get back to hugging.

Thank You

These are without a doubt challenging times which can be difficult and exhausting for many, including our staff, so your patience and understanding are always appreciated. Although there are many factors, some of which are unpredictable when it comes to treating pets, rest assured that we'll always do our best to respect your time while providing you with the level of care and service which we are known. You matter to us.

Thank you for choosing LPH, and please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.