The Pet Hospital has been serving the Los Angeles/West Hollywood area for over 70 years. The building was first constructed in 1926. From 1926 to 1933 the building's history is unknown, but in 1933 Dr. Diller ran a veterinary care center here. He partnered with Dr. Eisenhour in 1937-38 and the building was under Dr. Eishenhour's guidance until 1946. Dr. Philip C. Olson purchased the practice in 1946 and developed a great local reputation for his veterinary skills and compassionate care. Dr. Olson served the area until 1971 when he sold the practice to Dr. Lee Calsyn. The Pet Hospital is pictured above in 1948.


To this day Dr. Calsyn is the owner and was the sole practitioner in the clinic for many years and also provided on-call overnight emergency service. In 1971, the veterinary clinic's name was officially changed from "Pet Hospital" to "Laurel Pet Hospital". In 1975 the clinic underwent its first interior remodel, but the front remained as seen in the photo above. The hospital expanded to become a multi-doctor practice in the late '70s and early '80s. Dr. Mike Menegay and Dr. Steve Quady were some of the stellar associates that helped the hospital serve the community during those early years.


The hospital joined the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in 1986---the same year West Hollywood became an official city. The hospital is one of a handful in the country to have achieved the 20-year award from AAHA, for which it was recognized in 2006. In 1998, the hospital experienced a minor structural setback as a result of La Nina, which caused massive damage around the area. The water damage to the hospital's roof was so extensive that the roof partially collapsed, although fortunately during off-hours. A temporary roof was put up that year, and a major front remodel was completed in the fall of 2001. Further interior remodeling has been ongoing, including the addition of a second story along with other improvements.


Today Laurel Pet Hospital continues to grow, with two of Dr. Calsyn's sons now practicing. With the addition of 4 specialists and advanced equipment such as laser surgery and digital radiography, the hospital demonstrates its commitment to the most current medicine, while maintaining its long history of exceptional care. We are proud of our long tradition of serving the community and we look forward to providing veterinary care into the future.