Pet of the Month

Cinammonface is the pet of the month. He is a 5 year old pitbull dog that has been a resident of laurel pet hospital for the past 18 months. He was found in the area malnourished and hungry. He also had multiple bumps and bruises over his body.

Pets For Adoption

Laurel pet hospital has multiple cute and friendly dogs and cats that are in need of a good home. Come visit them and see if you want to add them into your family. Click here to see some of the available pets.

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More About Pet Disease & Symptoms

For a list and explanation of common diseases click here. This is an A-Z list of pet diseases with easy to follow categories to make it simple, comprehenisive, and user friendly. We are currently in the process of adding to it. If you have a disease that you would like to be included or notice an error please let us know.

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Dr Lee Calsyn has been my vet for just over 20 years.  He has seen me mostly through the joys and sometimes the heartbreak of being a pet parent to the wonderful cats who shared my life through these years and now is vet to my cat Barnaby.

Beside being a magnificent, brilliant vet this man is one of the most beautiful human beings I have known.